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Beaulieu's younger brother Edmund, who is an officer in the army, came

The strong, stern man looked at me, and at once became mild; he patted me on my cheeks, asked me my name, and gave me money.

"You are then Andersen!" he exclaimed; threw his arms around my neck, and his honest eyes beamed with joy.

I also again met with Heine. He had married since I was last here. I found him in indifferent health; but full of energy, and so friendly and so natural in his behavior towards me, that I felt no timidity in exhibiting myself to him as I was. One day he had been relating to his wife my story of the Constant Tin Soldier, and, whilst he said that I was the author of this story, he introduced me to her. She was a lively, pretty young lady. A troop of children, who, as Heine says, belonged to a neighbor, played about in their room. We two played with them whilst Heine copied out one of his last poems for me.


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