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which sexually transmitted disease (std) is the most common in the u.s

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Oh! David,” she exclaimed, grasping her husband’s right hand in both of hers. But her heart was too full for more.

My blessin’s on de sweet ladies what takes so much trouble for us,” said Zulu, pulling up his sleeves and regarding with much satisfaction a pair of worsted cuffs; nebber had no sore wrists since I put on dese. W’y you no use him, Gunter?”

Foolish child! It is a wild fancy of your romantic brain. Who ever heard,” said the mother, of a lawyer being employed to search for a sister? Depend upon it, this captain is in search of some deed,—a lost will, or a—an old parchment or a document of some sort, perhaps referring to a mismanaged property, or estate, or fortune, for things of that kind are often seen in the newspapers; though how the newspapers come to find out about them all is more than I can understand. I’ve often wondered at it. Ah! your dear father used to say in his facetious way that he was lost in the Times,” when he wanted to be let alone. I don’t mean advertised for as lost, of course, though he might have been, for I have seen him lose his head frequently; indeed I have been almost forced to the conclusion more than once that the Times had a good deal to do with your father’s mental confusion; it told such awful lies sometimes, and then a month or two afterwards would flatly contradict them all by telling the truth—at least it was probably the truth since it was the opposite of the lies; but it’s of no use talking, I always find that. What were you saying, child?”

Now, that is strange, for my missis writes about the wery same thing,” said Joe, only she seems to have gone in for a little more confusion an’ blots than your missis, an’ that blessed little babby of ours is always gittin’ in the way, so she can’t help runnin’ foul of it, but that same puzzler crops up every now an’ then. See, here’s what she writes:—

Come below, an’ wet your whistle. Bring your men too,” said Dick. This is a new hand?” pointing to Ned.

If it’s hell here,” remarked Billy, with a great sigh of satisfaction, after the hymn was done, it do seem like heaven over there. I only wish we had Jim Frost on board of us instead of that brute Gunter.”


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