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The chief of the Mang family having appointed Yang Fu to be chief criminal judge, the latter consulted the philosopher Tsang. Tsang said, The rulers have failed in their duties, and the people consequently have been disorganized for a long time. When you have found out the truth of any accusation, be grieved for and pity them, and do not feel joy at your own ability.”

When he entered the ancestral temple of the state, he asked about everything.

The Master said, In teaching there should be no distinction of classes.”

The music master, Mien, having called upon him, when they came to the steps, the Master said, Here are the steps.” When they came to the mat for the guest to sit upon, he said, Here is the mat.” When all were seated, the Master informed him, saying, So and so is here; so and so is here.”

Tsze-zan said, Then they will always follow their chief;-win they?”

Tsze-lu kept continually repeating these words of the ode, when the Master said, Those things are by no means sufficient to constitute perfect excellence.”

The Master said, To rule a country of a thousand chariots, there must be reverent attention to business, and sincerity; economy in expenditure, and love for men; and the employment of the people at the proper seasons.”

Chapter 5


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